HAKUDO RAIN , AN OLFACTORY CEREMONY SET. AOIRO and Studio Corkinho introduce a contemporary purifying ritual that offers a quite moment to unwind in everyday life and to uncover your authentic soul. It is a pure contribution of their unique specialities, an olfactory design for space and atmosphere, and an exploration of object design with cork materials. Together they created a serene ceremony set which is composed by natural essences and uniquely treated cork, with other carefully sourced earthy materials.

‘Listening’ to the scent allows your senses to be infused and to experience it with one’s entire being. Based on a philosophy derived from Khodo - the Japanese ceremony of appreciating a subtle and exquisite fragrance - AOIRO has been exploring a different way of using scent as an olfactory experience in space.

HAKUDO RAIN created by AOIRO is inspired by the atmosphere of a spirited Japanese island after rainfall and the scent enables one to experience the sensation of air being charged with a spirit of rain. A smooth earthiness and dark powerful greens are highlighting the quality of humidity as a main profile. Combined with airy notes of leafy and resinous essences, it slowly empowers to draw a vivid scenery with three-dimensional depth and creates a captivating air that rejuvenates the mind and spirit.
Studio Corkinho completes the ceremony set with nine cubic cork sculptures. Exploring the unique and raw organic surfaces of burnt (aged?) cork material, each piece composes an element of diffuser, on which the HAKUDO RAIN botanical essence can be dripped. Spread around the space or kept together to intensify the energy of the scent: the set brings a personal ritual into our homes and private spaces as sensory experiences that stimulate and harmonise our presence, offering stillness and mindfulness.

With the scent of Hakudo RAIN, AOIRO and Studio Corkinho designed to create a simple and pure experience of a daily ritual, in order to connect with the value of time once again, and to generate awareness of how scent drives us into the body of our memory.

As a result, one is able to ‘listen’ to the scent and to leave its scent flowing within our entire being to enter in the “now-here” dimension.

By acquiring the HAKUDO RAIN CORK DIFFUSER ceremony box, you have gained access to this exclusive virtual space where we will release a growing archive of impressions evoked by your olfactory scent ritual.

Discover a sequence of experiences — especially crafted for you. Cinematic impressions that try to evoke the essence of HAKUDO RAIN. Polychromatic poetry exclusively made for you by Belgian artist Jan Mast.
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- sound by Hania Rani, featuring Carole Etienne —